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Louie Andrade has 30 years of experience in Boston's seafood industry and since 1996, has earned a reputation for providing restaurants with top quality seafood & shellfish products.  Louie’s Seafood has been supporting local fishermen and fisheries and servicing restaurants with products sourcing from all over the globe, fresh and frozen.  We buy our seafood daily, truly providing Boston’s Top of the catch.  We work closely with our vendors as well as our customers, providing excellent products with reliable service.
What can we provide you with?


Shellfish & Lobster

         From native lobsters & Canadian hardshells in all sizes, clams in all sizes, to mussels from Me, Ma, & Canada & oysters from local and distant waters, we have access to a vast variety of shellfish & can find the right product for you.

We connect you with oyster farms from all over the USA and Canada; several right here from Cape Cod.  From buck a shuck options, to your consistent select/choice oyster


Norwegian, Faroe Island, & Canadian farm raised fish as well as wild salmon


Ground Fish 

Line caught fish,  as well as farmed raised products from Norway & Iceland.




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Scallops, Halibut & Shrimps

Our fresh scallops will sear up perfectly  

Sizes: U/10, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40

From p&d raw, or cooked, tail on or off shrimps in various sizes we can also provide you with shell on &/or head on shrimps.